Let Us Help You Quit Smoking - Join the Cessation Nation.


Tobacco Cessation Program at Heart Hospital of Lafayette
At the Heart of helping you beat smoking

Deciding to quit smoking is one of the best choices you can make. In fact, quitting can add up to eight years onto your life.Many of the benefits you will see in just a few months. You’ll lower your risk of heart attack, your breathing will become easier and before you know it, your risk of heart disease will be cut in half.


We know quitting smoking is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. The Tobacco Cessation Program at Heart Hospital of Lafayette (HHL) is here to offer our partnership to help you blow smoking away.

What is unique about our program?

  • HHL is the first hospital-based counseling program in Acadiana that operates like an outpatient clinic. You will receive individual counseling led by nationally certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists. They provide behavioral management therapy in collaboration with a physician or physician’s assistant. Now, that’s quite a team!
  • You are assigned your own counselor for the duration of the program. Your counselor gets to know you closely, therefore you both are able to focus energy on moving you toward tobacco-free living.
  • We meet with you one-on-one and are able to develop an individualized plan specific to your needs. We can help you identify your specific triggers, change your thoughts and behaviors linked to smoking, teach you concrete strategies to improve your chances of quitting and staying smoke free. 
  • Telephone sessions are offered if you have transportation issues or are unable to attend sessions here at Heart Hospital of Lafayette.

Join the HHL Cessation Nation today and use your Heart to Kick Some Butts!

You may qualify to enroll in this program for free or at a reduced rate so give us a call at (337) 470-1331.