Heart Hospital of Lafayette has received national and won many awards for customer and employee satisfaction. While we are proud of the recognition we have received, nothing means more to us than the real-life testimonials from our beloved patients.

"I'm 44. When my heart stopped for five minutes without warning, in a flash my sons lost their mother and my husband lost his wife. My life is a miracle and I owe it all to Heart Hospital. Because of Heart Hospital's quick and innovative response, I suffered no brain damage and was sent home just 5 days later. It was Thanksgiving, and my family and I have never felt more thankful. Heart Hospital didn't just treat my heart, their approach was holistic, including emotional support for my family. The janitor, cafeteria workers, aides, nurses and doctors — the entire hospital was cheering me on. Miraculous healthcare—that's Heart Hospital."

– Cindy Watts

"At Heart Hospital, I felt everyone who treated me was answering a higher calling because of their talent, passion and positive attitude. Patients need positive energy around them when they're not well. At Heart Hospital, I could feel the wonderful energy and warmth of everyone around me, especially my nurses, but also my doctors and other staff. Everyone is focused on caring for patients, physically and emotionally, and showing support to families as well. Why would I go anywhere else? No other hospital can offer a better medical experience than what I experienced at Heart Hospital. No one. It's been amazing to see the difference in my health since my successful bypass surgery."

– Sammy Guilbeau

"As a paramedic, I knew first hand the best place for me was Heart Hospital. As soon as I was picked up they ran an EKG. From the ambulance, they transmitted all my medical stats to the ER so the cath team was ready to admit and insert a stent upon my arrival. Because of the fast response of the medical team of Heart Hospital, I escaped the clutches of "the widow-maker," a heart attack that has claimed many victims. I was able to return to life with my wife and two sons. I owe my life to Heart Hospital, and it's by choice."

– Joseph Royer

"I only have one heart, and I trust Heart Hospital to keep it safe. As a businessman, I value Heart Hospital's investment in medical personnel. I came to Heart Hospital at death's door. During month-long stays I had outstanding attention, from nurses, doctors as well as service employees. From the technicians who cheerfully equipped my room with printers, extra cables, anything I needed to run my business, to the nurses who attended to me with such compassion and joy—you can feel this is an impeccable organization. They are at the forefront of their field in knowing the measures to both extend my life and improve my quality of life. I only have one heart, and I trust Heart Hospital to keep it safe."

– Mike Patout

"My care began at Abrom Kaplan Hospital and ended up at Heart Hospital. Everyone went the distance to save my life. A high percentage of people don't survive what I went through. Not only did I survive, I had NO brain damage. I'm married with 2 kids, 4 grandchildren, 7 siblings and both parents living. It's a blessing to have everyone praying for you, but it's a real miracle to have their prayers answered by coming off of life support, waking up and returning home—just 4 days after being admitted. Heart Hospital and their amazing doctors and nurses granted my family and me our own miracle story."

– Terry Dartez