Inpatient Cardiac Care

Imagine the Best in Cardiac Care

Imagine an entire hospital focused on heart disease care and prevention with inpatient cardiac care and a Heart Emergency Center open 24/7. Imagine a hospital that achieves better outcomes and patient satisfaction by making heart care more personal and less intimidating. Imagine a cardiac care hospital specially designed, equipped and staffed to keep your heart healthy and provide treatment when it's not. We've created that hospital, right around the corner.

Heart Hospital of Lafayette (HHL) is changing the way cardiovascular care is provided, bringing patient-focused, physician-driven cardiac care to Acadiana. Rated one of the nation's Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals by Thomson Reuters, our approach to service sets us apart. Patient-focused care is swift, responsive and accurate. It promotes a feeling of safety and security, fosters healing and ensures better results.

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Patient-Focused Care Promotes Healing

In a typical hospital, each patient may come in contact with 60 or more caregivers before returning home. At Heart Hospital of Lafayette, you have an inpatient cardiac care, made up of six to eight clinicians, assigned to you for the duration of your stay. Our care model is based on the universal bed concept, which means you are given a private room equipped to meet your specific needs at the beginning of your stay, and that room is yours throughout your stay, even after surgery.

Family members are allowed 24-hour access to your room whenever possible, and a sleeper bed is incorporated into every room to accommodate an overnight visitor. Nursing pods are located near each patient room and our nurse-to-patient ratio is one of the best in the country. This means someone is always nearby when you need help. In addition, we've designed Heart Hospital of Lafayette with a simple, easy to navigate floor plan, allowing family members and visitors to find their way around the hospital with confidence.

Heart Hospital of Lafayette — Your Heart Hospital

We know that patient-focused care promotes the well being of our patients and their families, encourages faster healing and ensures better outcomes. We're here for you in an emergency, with state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to keep your heart healthy. We offer the very best heart care available, close to home. Heart Hospital of Lafayette is your heart hospital for emergency cardiac care and inpatient cardiac care.

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